Thursday, June 4, 2009

As Michelle and i were walking on the path at the park this woman came up and we started talking about our passion for the wildlife and birds and photography and she was telling us she moved out here 29 years ago and is at that park every day and wow some of the capures she has on film of the blue Heron should be shared. She told us she knows were thay all go and sit and that she caught in with her camera a heron catching a fish and all the way the the swallow... so the artistic side of me could see it on a print in a callage I explaned to her that I am starting to get my pictures printed and that would be one worth printing... any how she was fun to run across. and I grabed this picture as the sun was setting behind us.. also shared a "God story with her of how God blessed me with a Heron picture"

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