Monday, August 31, 2009

As August comes to an end

Funny pic from theother night, my hubby hung this pen in a flower arangment and said OMG come look at this big spider
Here we are at the end of august where did it come and go?
It was a fun month with garage sales, art shows and get togethers with friends
I have had many pics accepted by Birds&bloom so that has been fun.  They have a chance at getting in the magazine now so that is exciting.
I have been very into my yard and flower bed, my hubby and I got some cement stones from a friend and make a wall flower bed in the front that goes all the way the length of the house.  when I was in Canada for a week he surprised me with a watering system wit is great. 
I have really taking a likig to Cosmos I love them and want them all over my front yard next year well...  in my three flower beds that is.  I just joined a flower seen swap so getting excited about that and the many things to look forward to next summer with growing flowers.  I also only planted perenials this year so not as much going to the flower shop next spring.
Well my friends I say goodbye to August and hello to September..  more sunny days and sunset chasing to come and the autum colors to captcha through the lense.

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