Friday, August 7, 2009

I have been so busy getting ready for the art show....

A bit of good news.. the other day got an email that
BIRDS & BLOOMS posted one of my pictures on thier websight
which now has a chance of being in the magazine..
The picture is in an earlier post of the gray finch with the two sun flowers.
I took this at the coffee shop down the street after the gal who works there had given me permission to come back and take picutres. So less than a week ago I did, I pulled up in my car and just started shooting. Got home and submitted one of them. A few days later got an email that it was on their websight. I looked and looked and then while on the phone with my mother who was the prodder to this over the past year by leaving me little posts saying, "You need to submit your pictures to Birds and Blooms" anyways we were on the phone looking through the websight and under video there is was as one of the most viewed. Was number 1 and now is still top 5. Wow i was honored.

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