Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The joy in a sweater

I wore my purple sweater today, the wind in blowing and the clouds are moving quick, the leaves are falling and rolling across the yard and deck.  The little birds do not seem to mind but I mind it is just a sweather wearin kind of day!!
I love this sweater it is warm and full of memories, they are...
Trip to Whistler BC..  At the Top of Whistler Blackomb in a picture with my hubby a few years back when Mike and Michelle went to Candada with us.
Later that day we were at the Mongolian Grill and after a series of weird events I eneded up with a straight line of sweet and sour sauce across my back it was sooo funny.
I where it to work to be warm
It slenders me
My mom in law gave it to me a long time ago one of the best things she has given me

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