Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy National Grouch Day

Who would know there is a National Grouch Day? I certainly wouldn’t unless I was checking the search engines for my daily post of trending topics. Happy National Grouch Day 2009 everyone???   I found this on a facebook post and thought kinda cool even though totally OPOSITE of ME.

I have images of Oscar the Grouch in my mind.  My vote is to deny the day even exists, to smile at someone who’s grouchy today and not to give in to the mood. Have I made myself clear!? There will be no grouchy mood on this girl.

Some funny things i found..

Have a nice day
National Grouch Day Grumpy Idea #1

Don't celebrate it. Don't go anywhere. Stay home and be your grumpy self. Keep the curtains drawn. If someone comes to your door tell them to go away because you've decided to participate in National Grouch Day. Better yet, put a note on your door. That way, they won't even have to ring your bell for you to be annoying to them.

National Grouch Day Grumpy Idea #2

Send a grouch an e-card (just don't expect a thank you note in return). Some great e-card sites with cards for National Grouch Day are Blue Mountain Arts, 1001 Postcards.Org.

National Grouch Day Grumpy Idea #3

Watch movies with famous grouches. With one trip to the video store you can come back with your arms loaded. From Sesame Street to Grumpy in Snow White to Medea in Tyler Perry movies the DVD world is filled with grouches.

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