Saturday, October 24, 2009

This weeks submission to Inspirationg Avenue

This summer I was surprised for my 40th birthday with my best friend flying in and surprising me for the big 40.  It was awesome.  She was here for 10 days and got to go to Whistler BC with us for a week.  The story is amazing I will never forget it.
So here are some pics of us in Whistler British Columbia
Was Mom, Kelly, me, my daughter Kayla, her friend Shelby and then dad joined us Wednesday night.
I have an amazing family and an amazing Best friend.

This is at the top of whistler Blackcom Mountain and is the logo for the 2010 Olympics

my mom, Shelby and Kayla

Kayla, kelly, Me, Mom

The three of us took a trip to Pemberton BC and drove around and took pics and did sight seeing

The last dat mom and dad sent Kelly and I up the Peak to Peak
Going up

Here we are at the top

The one in front of us had a glass bottom see the people looking down

Here we go

wow we were very high


  1. wow!! you seem like you had lots of fun!! happy birthday!... well belated birthday :)) what a lovely entry for travel ... so beautiful, and full of fun and love and memories :)))

  2. What a wonderful tribute to travel Shel!! BC is SO beautiful, I'd love to visit sometime as I've never seen it in person. Thank heavens for talented photographers such as yourself who can capture it so perfectly!!

  3. Very apt submission for "travel" - sounds like a fabulous trip! I wasn't sure which photo to choose, they're all great :)

  4. How lovely that this creative prompt brought back all the memories from your birthday. It's my 40th next year... still wondering what to do!

  5. I loved looking at all your amazing photos!! What a lovely family you have!! A belated happy birthday to you!!

  6. what a great photo for the travel theme! i have to admit, i initially had some butterflies for a fleeting moment as i have an extreme fear of heights. this is one thing i could never do but it's great to look - safe from my side of the screen! lol


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