Thursday, November 12, 2009

Balance and joy

Is something I am very passionate about.

If you know me or met me you would probably say I am a joyful person. This has not always been but I don’t know my mother would prolly say oh yes it has been.

Mind, body and soul to me has a lot to do with balance and joy. When we wake up in the morning our MIND is what really starts out our day. Years ago a friend of mine and I started doing five things that we were thankful for and that started to be how I woke up. We would meet online and blog our little list with even a fun picture. My mom got in on it and so did some other people and that grew. Being thankful for the air we breathe and the roof over our head is huge.

A few years ago some good friends and I did a bible study called “Look at it this way” and it truly changed my life. The author (Jan Silvius) had a grid theory that we start out the day with a perfectly straight mental grid and we sit up in bed with it and it is with us all day. How we deal with thing and process day to day things determine weather or not the grid bends or warps. This was amazing to me. With the Boundaries class under my belt and this theory I went a week really challenging that grid. I had some warped days and some good days. 

Now today I still find myself thinking of the grid especially when something comes into my day that I was not planning on or phone call or even a text that could if I let it bend my grid.  I love boudaries and being able to say yes and no.  I find myself helping people alot learning that they do not always have to say yes and the freedom in that alone...                  ~ brings some balance

Body.. We need to take care of this body. It is the only one we got. Eating right and excersise and listening to our body.   For me and my pain and arthritis I get up in the morning and turn on the heat, get my coffee and sit in my office and do some stretching just at the desk and that alone helps me just getting in the shower and getting on with my day. I live in the northwest but I have a body that would thrive in Arizona or California because cold weather can at time totally disable me.  A lot of people know me as the woman that drives the red car and takes pictures. This is because I can be in the warmth of my car and take some amazing pictures pain free. My husband loves doing this with me.                                                                              ~Joy is found


Deuteronomy 4:29 says, But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul. I love this verse. I truly feel joy in the morning and I love ministry. I find so much of my joy when I am doing ministry. I usually you tube eyeworship and cool songs come on that brighten the day. Our soul needs to be feed with healthy things, good friends that we can share anything with and good conversations. Seasons of friendships come and go I have had so many and often wondered why is this one coming to an end and then I see that the Lord blessed me with that friend for that season of my life and now on to a new one. That can be very hard while going through it but the Lord does not want us in un-healthy relationships and the doors will close for our protection. Our soul is a delicate thing and we need to guard it. This goes along with the mind but that is a blog in itself.

A tad about me..
I try so hard to balance my day, my week even my month I keep a notebook on my desk, I am constantly drawing in it, jotting a new sketch down and more that anything is my do lo lists.  I love them I love to check them off as I get them done and if it does not get done it just carries over to the next day.  I do not let myself get to booked up and I always allow a coffee time in the afternoon.  Latelly that is when I sit down to watch Dr. OZ.  I love my family and Love to keep a clean house and a warm environment for them and thier friends.  I am blessed to have a part time job that I love and that is a mission firld too.  I work in a nursing home.  I love art and shopping and looking at blogs and reading devotions.  I have turned into a not do into TV person.  I watch Dr. Oz and then eh I am just not into tv anymore.  I find myself crafting and doing art a lot and have even opened up an ETSY shop with the many thanks to me friends at Inspiration Avenue.

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