Thursday, November 5, 2009


What really is balance?

Some people think it is just making sure they eat or have money in the bank.

For our body we need so much more than that. We need sleep friendships that are healthy, boundaries and know how to deal with the difficult people in out lives. Knowing when to say yes and when to say no.  That one is huge in its self.

Over the past I would say 9 years, I have grown and learned so much about balance and that it is something that if focused on leads to healthy and happy lives. I am not saying perfect with no bumps or hick ups in the road but strong and full of joy and not going to bed feeling like crap at night.

I have realized that with all four of us (hubby and 2 kids and I) we have a pretty balanced house with a few things the kids do on a daily basis that they have been doing since they were in the 1st grade. It all balances the day out and helps me the mom. Kids need a daily chore life to learn the habits when they get oldest and move out on their own. I know so many families that lack this small thing because they live in a small house or because mom is home every day she just does it for them. My kids kind of lucked out as there are 7 days in a week and 2 kids so since they were little Sundays are free from chores and Morgan and I do them. To keep that balanced and fair. Granted I do ask them on occasion to do something on a Sunday but rarely hear a gripe.

I am so drawn to the word balance that Iam going to start writing once a week a simple blog on the subject.

Next blog the come is: "Joy and balance"


  1. you've said it so well! sometimes parents will unknowingly do their kids an injustice by providing too much & not teaching the simple values in life. hooray for you! i look forward to more on the subject.

  2. totally agree shel! thanks for the "thoughtful" post ... the image looks so cool too!!


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