Monday, November 2, 2009

New adventures for November...

Had to believe November is here. 
I have to do list already going,
new work out I do in the morning
And the new adventure that my husband and i are doing together is Etsy. An online store that my friend at Inspiration Avenue have ancouraged us to do.  We are very excited about this new venture and here is a sneak peak of the metal coffee cups Morgan (hubby) made yesterday.  They are a heavy metal and the possibilities are endless.  We were thinking painting and then felt on the bottom for sets of coasters, or just simple paint and hang on a wall.  We are in a craft fair this comming Saturday so I am one busy girl this week. We also feature Kokopelle as published on one of my August blogs.  We are not sure how that one is going to go as we are not in Arizona, but his first one that sold went to Ireland so hey.  Might do good.
Stay tuned as the art happens....  :)

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  1. omg!! so excited for you in your new venture!! keep us posted on this ok :))


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