Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cinnamon ~ Rust This weeks Inspiration Avenue challenge

This was a fun one!!

Click image to see bigger
Coffee Grinder that sits in my dining room
Old tractor seat down the street
Water can in a museum
Heart plant holder out my front door
Rusty shoe with mice crawling about
Metal statue of Christiopher columbus in the peire in Seattle
Cinnamon colored chimes in my back door


  1. Enjoying your blog. You take beautiful photos. I enjoy shooting pictures also. Our good camera broke. Will be nice to get a different one.

    I hope you like Lilly and Her chicks. Nice to have you as a follower. I want to follow you also! Have a blessed day on Sunday!

    Blessings, Linda

  2. shel, you certainly captured the feel of rust! your collage looks like it should be in a magazine! great hunt!

  3. A veritable spice mix of cinnamon and rust! It certainly was the perfect theme for this time of year. My favourite colours too :)

  4. Gorgeous collage entry for this week's challenge Shel!♥

  5. what a beautiful collage of images representing the theme! some of them are real interesting too ... i esp love the tractor seat and the watering can ... so much character! beautiful entry for this week's theme shel :))


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