Saturday, November 21, 2009

This weeks Inspiration Avenue Challenge


My grandparents

Wilma and Si Johnon
Hometown Gunnison Colorado
Met when they were teenagers

had my mother in thier late 30's
They expressed such love and warmth to each other

Playing behind the lence

My good friend's daughter recieved this box of chocolates from her love in Austria


  1. OMG!! so truly romantic!! your grandparents ... i had goosebumps when i read your little caption ... wow!! true and unadulterated love :))

  2. Shel, these are so beautiful! They depict the "fiery" side of romance!

    I love the photo and story of your grandparents. It's so great to know the story of your family and to record it for future generations.

  3. They look a very fine couple to me - full of energy and life! Beautifully romantic pictures this week - lovely!

  4. These are wonderful submissions Shel, I adore the image of your grandparents what a fabulous couple and the "playing" you did came out so cool!

  5. romance with passion! that's my first thought when i saw this... beautiful entry, shel!

  6. How sweet and romantic! A great entry for this weeks challenge. I love what you do with these photos. Just awesome!


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