Saturday, December 5, 2009

The story behind 2 ornaments

When I married my husband almost 21 years ago we were transfred from Ketchkan Alaska to cape Disapointment WA Coast guard base. Were we were given a sponsor to help us get settles.
There names were Don and Susanna.  They were very nice and helped us find a apartment and a church.  we had thanksgiving with them and they made the adjustment for me being away from home for the first time easier.
They had had a house down the street and it had burned down the year or so before we moved there and these two ornoments were some of the only things susanna had left and she gave them to me.  I was so blessed and my kids have known the story since they were little and every year while decorating the tree they say "now these are from your friend who's house burned down right"

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