Monday, January 4, 2010

My Husband captured this amazing bird Saturday

This year brings so many possibilities they are endless

We are starting a new photography group at my church Only God knows where that will go.

I love this site it is so user friendly after starting a blog on a different server i just keep coming back to this one..  LOVE IT

I am so blessed to be a part of the Inspiration Avenue Etsy Team they are an amazing group of talented artists and I really think we are going to do well this year on Etsy.

Do you ever hear a sermon or story and it just staying with you for a long time?  yesterday our pastor did a sermon on relationships and struggles along with comfort from God with them and looking at that person(s) through his eyes and that has so captured me.  I have many difficult people in my life and looking through thier eyes might help me understand them a little more.  As most difficult people are that way for reasons we can not figure out is most cases but to look through thier eyes at their life & circumstances and in some cases unfortunately mental ilness. 
This week I am picking apart 2 corinthians 1

Some things unwhich I am thankful for
Jel pens
coffee creamer
my camera
to do lists
laundry soap
small group
friends who are enchouraging
New ideas and things to come

Peace my friends
I am thankful for you!!!
Had the share this

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  1. What an amazing sight your husband captured, wow!
    Yes, empathy is a valuable quality and certainly one we can all use.
    Happy 2010!


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