Friday, February 5, 2010

My submission to Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge


With a mix of bananas and berries and a valentine
Picasa has a cool button I found this week and have been playing with
So here it is.



  1. Oh wow this is gorgeous.
    Delicious entry.

  2. This is terrific, Shel. Always invigorating to learn something new...
    I'm counting this as my first Valentine.
    You meant it for me, right?

  3. Lisa sorry to disappoint you but I'm sure it's meant for me ;)

    Shel this is lovely, very interesting the way the images overlap, gives such a nice soft effect.

  4. A beautiful piece. Makes a great Valentine card.

  5. is for all ya gals!! how's that

  6. This is beautiful, I love the way the images and colors overlap and somehow add to each other in the process of being layered. Gorgeous!

  7. What a beautiful entry Shel, fruity romance!!! Elaine x

  8. You are getting so good at digital art! This is beautiful!


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