Monday, February 1, 2010

When a husband comes in and notices something that mostly would not ya want to shout out RIGHT!!!!

Well I was on my blog the other night in the process of figuring out how to make a three column blog thanks to the help from Sharon and my husband walked in and said, "Wow now that is cool"  He was looking at the top of her blog and how there is a shelf and stuff on it and he went on and on.  It was qhite neat so thought I would blog about it and give Sharon a little plug and applause!!  Your work got a man's attention!!  YEAH 
I have been enjoying her background on my blog as well for the last month

If you have not visited Sharon's work or Etsy store Please take a stroll and check her stuff out!!
Sharon's ETSY shop  Mana Moon Studios
Sharon's ETSY shop   Plumrose Lane

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  1. Oh you're such a sweetheart, thanks! Of course I'm TOTALLY flattered so do pass that on and now all I need is a little more time to keep creating, lol!
    Huge hugs for the shout out!♥♥


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