Monday, March 8, 2010

Came across 2 sets of friends today...

These Bulls cute in thier own way... 
Where I live Bull sperm is sold in parking lots out of trucks.... 
go figure

These two soom to be full bald eagles were grazing in a feild


  1. What?? Sold in parking lots?!? What for??

    These are adorable shaggy critters! The brown one looks a little grumpy. Maybe from all those people bothering him for you-know-what.

    I don't know how you capture so many great images of bald eagles! They are so rare where we live. It's great that they are more numerous where you are!

  2. I LOVE those bulls! Cute little buggers :) You are a wonderful photographer, Shel!

  3. aah thanks ladies I really wanted to comb the ones hair but decided against it LOL.


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