Saturday, March 6, 2010

Art Auction for Angel Faces Charity

- this auction will go live from the 7th march and end on
 the 14th march at 12 noon EST


- the bidding will take place HERE  then scroll down if you want to bid on the KOKOPELLI on the inspiration avenue blog
- your bids should be in US Dollars only, with a minimum of 1USD increments (cents will not be entertained)
- please place your bids in the comments section of this post
- please include your name and email address in your bidding (and of course your bid too :) so that we may send you a paypal invoice should you win the item

Starting bid for this This metal - please come back to your bid item often to check if anyone has made another bid, and re-bid if you wish to

- the winner of this item is given 72 hours to pay, otherwise the item will go to the second highest bidder

there will be other items made by the varied but talented members of inspiration avenue on auction as well. please scroll up/down on our team blog and have a look. your support is very very appreciated. i thank you in advance for your wonderful support for this cause

8 1/2 INCHES Tall Kokopelli 1 pound

Painted black

fun design

Stating bid is   $8.00

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