Saturday, March 27, 2010

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge


  1. LOL!!! love the first comparison! how in the world does the postman reach that!!!!

  2. Lol Luthien - I agree - that poor postman!

    Great entries Shel - the autumn picture especially is beautiful :)

  3. Great submissions Shel! I love seeing photos like these, just real stuff in everyday life.

  4. is part of a trucking company here in town and that could possibly be a way they turn in hours or get paychecks from up in the big trucks lol

  5. I'm glad you answered the question of the 13ft mailbox, makes sense I guess. I love the same view, in different seasons...always noticed more put side by side rather than in day to day life!
    xox, Lisa

    PS: I enjoyed the meeting yesterday


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