Monday, March 29, 2010

This week's Featured Artist is....

Lisa D
Of Priti Studios
From Palmyra Pennsylvania
She is gifted in the arts of
~Box making
Just to name a few
She is so very crafty
and then put sweet lil' videos on her blog that
make you feel like you are right
there with her having a glass of wine

Here is some of her featured art in her ETSY store

Her Blog is:
Her Etsy is:

All images are © and are here with her permission


  1. Oh Shelley! This is so awesome!
    You have really made my week :D
    I feel like emailing this to everyone I know...all 3 of them :D
    Thanks so much girlfriend-
    YOU ROCK!!!
    Hugs and Love, Lisa

  2. ahhhh!!! our very talented lisa :))) love her sense of humor and her work! fab artist with a fantastic personality!

  3. What a great feature! She's such a darling, as are you!♥


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