Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All in a day

I drove past this little homestead today and had t snap a picture.  I know I have blogged it before and here it is again...but....  Blooming tree in this one  LOL.
Today with some friends of mine we went to our dear friend Char's father's memorial service.
Kayla and my friend Jen along with Char say a beautiful song and did great.  Their service went well and at the end was the slide show Char and I had worked a ton on and we tuned it to a mariah Carey song and oh It was so fitting.
After the service Kayla and I did photography and got great shots of some of the people that were in the slide show in their younger years and now seeing them now.
Was great fun now we can say we have done photography at a funeral and a wedding.
Sounds weird but it seems so fitting to get family together in photo's.  As Pastor Carl says funerals bring reunions and that is what happened today.

We then went shopping,  Starting with Coffee at Rocket Coffee and then to  Michaels  LOVE THST STORE
We got stuff there to do altered journals and had a blast just goofing off and shopping.  Then we needed the books to do them.  I pulled in front of Office Max and they wanted 2.36 per book. (I do not think so not with the church budget)  I then decided to dial up the ol' Google (FREE BY THE WAY) called office max where they were 3 buck a pop and then walmart where just a dollar so off we went to Wallmart and grabbed 15 books now we are set for craft night at the church tomorrow.  Ahhh
And..  my dear friend Sharon has made a Wedding Blog background I am so excited about for the weding blog I am doing for the Wedding we shot a week ago.

Next adventure I believe the Skagit valley Tulip Festival

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