Friday, April 9, 2010


Today daughter Kayla and I had mani appt's so we did that and then drove around a bit. 
Did a run from the Albertson's in Belingham to the University that her boyfriend was just accepted to
to see how far,,,  was 3 miles roughly 10 minutes not bad.  A lot of that driving was through downtown Bellingham.  Then we came out by the ocean aaah sun came out and we grabbed some tulip pics.
Tomorrow Snow is on the forecast

We have been putting the finishing touches on the wedding photos and meet with the family tomorrow
Editing the funeral pics next and getting the slide show I did uploaded onto you tube for the family
Tomorrow kay and I hope to get the house picked up in the morning them possibly hit some antique stores and a thrift store or two.
Coffee with dawn postponed till next Friday as kids are on spring break

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  1. I stopped by from UBP10. I love, love, love your photography!! So I will be making a regular stop at your blog. I just moved from Olympia, WA and am currently living out of my suitcase for the year while my hubby serves in Korea. Looking forward to getting to know you better!

    Renee' (aka Shalunya)


Thank you for your comments I love reading them. Thanks for stoppin by.. Due to mass spamming during the 29 faces I did turn the word verification back on. Please do not let that stop you for posting none spammed notes :). I love to hear from you!!