Friday, April 2, 2010

My Daughter Kayla

My Beautiful Daughter
She is very photogenic
& has a love for Photography like her momma
We love to take pics then edit on our own
and see how different we are.
She is:
 home schooled
An artist
A published author (in 2 books)
A published photographer (in  table top book)
A writer
A animal lover
Children photographer
Has a heart for people
A singer (sings on the worship team @ church)
Loves different styles
A independent
An amazing cook Martha Stewart watch out
She has sold on Etsy
Donated art to good causes
Loves taking walks
Is very photogenic
Has good life goals
Makes Jewelry
Loves shoes
Is amazing in Photo shop
& spelling (she is my editor)
Loves Marilyn Monroe
Has a very Purple Room
I am adding:    Amazing Granddaughter to her  by Pampa & Nana

Think I am a proud Mother


  1. OKAY....I should have had a tissue before reading this! Everything you have said about our amazing granddaughter is right on!!!!
    I am adding:
    Amazing Granddaughter to her Pampaw & Nana.

  2. what a beautiful post about your daughter! it so touched me & caused me to list in my head about my beautiful daughter as well! she sounds like an amazing woman & you should be proud! what blessings from God we have & He surely smiles!

  3. She is very talented!! Awesome!!
    You and Morgan can be proud parents!!
    Have fun keeping up with her!!!


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