Saturday, May 1, 2010

How to compact 2 pictures using Picasa

Picasa is a free photo editing software made by google!
If you don't already have Picasa, click here to download it!

It just takes a few minutes and you are there.

OPEN a picture that you want to start with
(In your picture files on your computer open with Picasa photo viewer
then edit in Picasa
Which brings you to this Screen
On the top bar (CREATE pull down menu to ~~~COLLAGE)

Step two:  this is what the collage screen looks like

Step Three:  Adding you photos to the screen
you do this by clicking the clips tab and get more..

Step 4:  you drag the photos you want in, caution if yu are fast it will out them all on so click in a open white spot first then one at a time.

Step 5:  You then click the Settings tab which brings you to this

Step 6: You then click the very last on the list in the menus in the box where you see shaded gray

Then waahh Laaah you have combined two pictures into one

It sends in to a draft mode and in a moment you can save by the file save button.
Save somewhere you save your photos because Picasa saves it in a collage folder too.

Then you are Done


Still to come from me in this blog party is the recipe for
Peppermint pie  TO DIE FOR


  1. I can see all kinds of applications for this "lesson". Thanks, so much, for sharing it. Can't wait for the Peppermint Pie! :)

  2. This seems easy, Shel. My photoshop is so confusing...and the simple answer was in google all along! Thanks so much! I can't wait to show Mia what I can do :D

  3. Love the picasa tip. Very helpful to me! I also just made a purchase from your etsy shop! Thanks for the party favor PLUS!

  4. How cool! Thank you Shel. I will be trying this soon. I have bookmarked it. You're the best!

  5. Hey wow! That's a really cool tool! It's wonderful they have this in a free tool and I love the images you combined!
    PS. Thanks for the nudge to join the party, I'm having fun. Just what the doctor ordered. ;-)

  6. Thank you for sharing this- I have microsoft digital image, and now I'm planning to add Pikasa to the repetoire! Can't wait to read the pie recipe!

  7. Gorgeous image, Shel. I love those pink shades!


    Check it mom did this tecnique on her blog!!!

  9. I don't have Picasa, but I understand it is a free program you get off the internet. I may have to add it to my digital arsenal since it looks easier to use than PS. thanks for sharing during the Inspiration Avenue Blog Party.

  10. Look like you already referenced my picture from your "lesson". I don't know how to do the link anyway. Something you will have to teach me sometime. Love ya

  11. Wow! It was so .... easy! and quick! Great tip. I use Picasa to edit my photos but I wasn't aware of this feature. Thanks :)


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