Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inspiration Avenue "Weekly Challenge - Architecture"

A few captchas could not narrow down to a one thankfully Picasa has a collage setting
So here it is
Capital of WA Olympia
Brick building Hotel I stayed at this weekend at a retreat
Old Building Bellingham WA
Little house I love to captcha
Looking up at the side of a very old building downtown Bellingham WA
Neat pink house with a neat old top molding around it I saw in CoupeVille WA  this weekend
Chineese thinky outside where we ate Widlbey Island WA


  1. Great pics Shel - loving that little cottage. I want to see inside!

  2. These are great photos Shel - I love the diversity of your submission. The pink house is very cool!

  3. I like the pink house too, we have a simalar one here...but, I am really intrigued by that little "fairy house" It looks magical and cozy enough for one slightly crazy it for sale?

  4. Love the creativity of your photos!
    Very cool buildings!

  5. not for sale, is sad that that little farm is getting really weathered. I have taken alot of pic of it because it is so out of place here. Seems like something that you would find in Germany.


  6. I love the little cottage too. What a roof!!

    Also love the Chinese pagoda-y building.

  7. Love all the different types of buildings you have here. You will have to show me that little cottage next time I'm up. Love ya

  8. I love all the lines and colors/ angles of your collage- and then when you look closer, each image is gorgeous on it's own....and that faery cottage- amazing!


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