Sunday, May 9, 2010

Some thoughts from a fun day

My family made me feel so special today
Got me flowers to plant
New gardening tools
Took me to lunch
We (Morgan really) has laid down 6 bags of red bark in our beds
We have been working in the bed in the front and even pulled out the last roady and gave it away
Kayla took some pics at church of families mostly mom and daughter pics we are working at getting them emailed out
After church we went to look at a truck Raymond want to buy wanting his dads opinion
Kayla and I went up to cedar Springs and it was quiet and peaceful there and all of the sudden this blue SUV pulls up and a woman jumps out and gives me the third degree for being there.  Sheesh I have been going up there for years!!  Never disturb anything and she must a been having a bad day.  gave us 15 minutes and after today we have to have permission before coming back.  Part of me felt defeated but it is a retreat center and from the sound of it people have been coming up and being rude and disturbing people whom are there for a retreat..  eeeet ruin it for us quiet folks :(  Oh well.
I got some amazing pics of Kayla and she made me a neat water mark today.
Tomorrow we run the store and then more prom dress shopping
I am awaiting me new lens so stoked!! can not wait.
here are some pics from today.


  1. I clicked on the pictures, Shel. You are blessed with love, aren't you? You deserve it! I love you castle/tulip pic...stil waiting to try your advice...the days are just too full right now...but when I was taking the picture of the steeples, I was thinking of how I could try something like that :D


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