Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today's Thoughts and Gratitude's

Prom Dress Shopping here we come (with camera of course)
Amy Grants song Better that a Hallelujah
Fun BRIGHT YELLOW coffee cup on a cloudy day
Pain medication
Wonderful friends
New adventures
My quiet time in the morning
Google spell check
My amazing etsy team I am a part of
Sweet love text's from hubby
Being able to mentor a co worker through a rough time during a coffee break yesterday
Friends to laugh with with
Hormone cream

My new venture is doing PR for a non profit store here in our little town
It is a store created and run by a Canadian woman that has a heart for people and she is amazing.  She is in the process of creating a crisis center
for people in need and at the present time we have a thrift/consignment store that also has a little antique and collectible mini mall in the middle.  It is a cool atmosphere and my daughter and I love being there.
Debbie is giving me a corner and I am decorating it and putting my photography on a wall to sell.  In the corner so far the vision is an neat antique love seat out of my garage, a neat trunk, some tea cups, a lamp oh the possibilities are endless....  fun creating...
~~ more to come soon

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  1. You need this display rack I have here for some of your pictures. How will we get it up to you???


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