Sunday, June 6, 2010

This has been a fun Birthday week for me.  even though we have been saturated with rain.
I am blessed to have so may awesome friends and family.
I was blessed with tuns of Happy Birthdays here and FB, ,  wow blew me away,  small group we had cupcakes, hubby got my a cake, took me on a date after the migraine was gone.
41 so far not too bad..  funny and I am all about being real,  Ready for this first 2 days after I turned 41 I forgot to put underwear on....  I KNOW  what the heck right!!!
I was blessed with a hanging basket
coffee cards
text messages
~~~Thank you everyone~~~~
Oh so fun so to another year gone and another to come 
I am ready for the adventure BRING IT

I wrote down a little list of the new things in my life since January:
Am an admin for Inspiration Avenue
Help run a store
am on a board
& as a secretary of the board
2 small groups
Camera club
almost ten years at my job
am being known as a photographer
have 10 blogs and admin of 5 facebook yikes

I do not feel crazy at all.
I am still a stay at home mom for the most part but am looking into a housekeeper for a few hours a week.

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