Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fun Night out taking pics with my friend Jen & my list of 5

So as life has it
This week my hubby had a very heavy piece of machinery fall off a ladder & land on his head, drop him, they called 911 and they wanted him to go to the ER for observation, but nope he was stubborn and came home.
Thankfully that he was alive and it did not do worse damage I kept him awake for a bit then let him sleep. His boss and co workers called him to check on him and 2 co workers covered his wages for yesterday..  WOW he works with a good group of guys!

I feel my life taking a turn..... Do not know where I just feel the winds are about to change.... Wondering what this means

I am so thankful for the things that we take for granted sometimes.

I used to blog a list of five things EVERY DAY!!! to what I was thankful for.  I may go back to that.

Today my list of five is!!
  • My Husband /family
  • Peace that I get from God when I feel very low
  • My amazing friends
  • Art and the creative edge it gives me
  • My life

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