Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A prayer for peace in God through the safe place of a tree

Yesterday I had just dropped of my daughter at the train station saw her off and decided that I would go to a nearby beach park.  So I did and oh it was only 8:45 in the morning still a coolness to the air and there was a woman right down in the water photographing the Heron it was way cool so I just sat in my car and watched her and the birds, picked up my camera and took some shots and then read a bit of my book glancing up here and there. 
Off to the side was this girl that that was walking in a care free kind of manor and her hands waving in the wind I thought as she was walking away from me that she must be listening to music.  Then she steps up on the train tracks and I notice no shoes.....  and as the wind blew her read pippilongdtocking type hair up I saw no headphones, grabbed my camera and took a few shots.  She was talking and walking towards the corner as if a train were to come around she would be toast...just as I was wondering what to do she turned around and headed back..  still talking to herself she seems to get a violent tone to her voice and I am sensing metal illness at this point.
She steps down off the tracks and onto the grass and then graciously jumped into this tree and it was like very familiar to her,  she sat back in it and her back settled Right down into the trunk and she relaxed.  As i really wanted to photograph this I did not out of respect to her.  I could hear more conversation and all of the sudden she stood up in the tree and just stood there. 
I said a little prayer that she could find peace in God through the safe place she had found in that tree
 I sat still glancing at my book, her and the photographer who was coming towards me and i popped my head out of the car and had a great conversation with the woman who had an amazing camera and is studying the interaction of the Blue Heron. 
As we were talking the girl walked by and disappeared.

~Here are some pics I shot of the girl~
I also saw the following:
A man fill up a entire back pack of rocks and sand before dawning his helmet and getting back on his bike
Dragon flies dancing about
Two friend that has not seen each other for a very long time unite
Homeless woman looking so very peaceful
Couples walking their dogs and most had the little blue poop bags ( I was impressed)


  1. Wow this is so touching....thanks for putting it into words. I felt like I was there with you. I feel this girl was blessed by your prayers for her to our heavenly Father. Love You

  2. What a wonderful and touching story, Shel. I love that you were quietly observing life around you. Too often we are self absorbed to see what is happening around us. I think it was especially sweet of you to say a prayer for the young woman.
    Thank you for sharing. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning through your eyes.

  3. What an eventful time we can have if we just open our eyes and sit quietly, paying attention. Too often we'd say nothing is going on, when actually a lot is happening! I hope the girl has someone to care for her. So thoughtful of you to say a prayer for her!

  4. My heart is touched by your sweet story! I work in psych with young adults & i watch the torture of injured minds every day. My greatest tools are a kind ear & prayer. I wish everyone who witnessed a moment such as this would stop & say a prayer! By sharing it, may some have more awareness.... Thank you Shel!

  5. Thanks guys
    I love to just sit and take it all in..
    Thanks for all your kind words.
    Blogger is being weird I have not figured out why comments cou;d not go to the Cloud post... odd


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