Friday, August 27, 2010

August 27 a day ful of's

Today I did a bunch at the store 
Listened to a friend 
Was a shoulder to another 
Decorated cakes for a friends Birthday She says I am like a daughter to her and Kayla (my daughter) is like a granddaughter to her. She turned 63 today.
Fixed my weird typo on my blog  Thank you friends for pointing that out yikes sour and Soar are serioulsty different
Called a guy we have not seen for over a week at the store & he was ticked pink that we missed him ( he always comes in after his dialysis treatment and has tea) 
Had lunch with two friends & a sweet lil' girl
Had a great chat with an artist and we are both going to to the Winery art show next year
Mopped floors 
Cleaned kitchen 
Watched Monster Quest (sometimes I think what was the point)
But family time is worth it
Had a great chat on the phone with a friend
I love fun filled jam packed days of did not know what I would do today.

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