Friday, August 6, 2010

August 6 of the August Break

went to a Birthday Party tonight 
So fun was with our friends that God blessed us with. 
6 years ago My amazing hubby prayed for a friend for his wife and
I got one all the way from Missouri.
I Love her and her family dearly
& today was her birthday
Her gubby brought her these amazing yellow roses so I snapped some quick shots of them 
computer crashed but am back up thanks to hubby. 
I had decided to create a new Flickr account and was hit by a virus so 
Do not think I will be doing that as it looks like it came from Flickr.

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  1. ooo so sorry to hear about your crash and the virus! but your roses are beautiful Thanks for the heads up about Flickr! I've just used photobucket so far.


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