Monday, August 16, 2010

entry to the Inspiration Avenue Challenge coffee or Tea

August 16                             coffee or Tea

Coffee and/or Tea is a morning thing this summer I have coffee, Kayla has Tea (most of the time)
It is a love language in our house to make coffee/tea and Oh man does it ever help Kayla (wake) get up. 
We go out and watch the sun come up.  I took this this morning...
The flowers are blooming still on the potato's in the field behind our house.
Am getting my entry in early this week as I have a lot going on.
This week consists of:
  • Wedding scrap booking with Tiffany
  • Working at the store 
  • A day to clean the house 
  • A morning coffee with a friend 
  • A wedding shoot
  • The fair 
  • working 
  • Our best friends daughter getting married 
  • My folks coming for the weekend
  • _____________________________________________                               ~My list of five thankful s~
  • Bringing joy into a homeless mans life today 
  • Meeting new people 
  • My art being reconized 
  • My family 
  • Air conditioning


  1. Awesome photo! Awesome lists! I love your list of joys!

  2. I love the kitty sitting in the morning mist! Sharing coffee or tea is so special.

    Your thankful list is wonderful. Wow, you ARE busy this week!

  3. I think this is my new fave of your work- I LOVE the way you caught the light- gorgeous!

  4. Very calming picture. Reminds me of early mornings on the porch with coffee before everyone is up and the day is still quiet and calm.

    I heart your joy on air conditioning ~ always grateful for those every day things!


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