Friday, August 27, 2010

The power of Words This weeks Challenge at Inspiration Avenue

What a cool theme 
I had just taken this pic so tweaked and added words
Come see on Sunday HERE
or play and add your link as a comment
THE POWER OF WORDS transformed from dark to light 
Words can pierce the heart and wound it so...
But the words that are healing and make us grow are so much more colorful and 
make us soar

August 26th

The August break


  1. Wow I´m impressed.
    This is amazing. Wonderful idea and brillaint interpretation for the theme.

  2. I'm sure you meant soar and not sour Shel! It's a beautiful picture - I love the way it shifts from b&w to that rich and happy yellow as the words become positive. Very clever and uplifting.

  3. From Sour to Soar! Great message with the art to back it up.

  4. Great image! Love the b/w and color fade.

  5. Love in the light side that you are at a crossroads BUT the results of EITHER choice seems to be filled with hope.

  6. I love how you infused the words with the photo, what a gorgeous picture and submission for this theme!

  7. This is so beautifully done. I love the way you used the darks and lights of your photo to intensify the symbolism of your words. Gorgeous!

  8. What a clever idea! This is lovely - very poetic!


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