Saturday, September 11, 2010

A day to remember our HERO'S

Where was I?
I was getting my kids ready for school 
They were having a good morning 
Getting along teeth brushed shoes on and a little extra time
I surprised them by letting them watch George of the Jungle Cartoon in the TV room 

BUT that is not what we found
I thought we had stumbled on a James Bond or Some major action packed movie so I changed the channel and there is was again and again and again it was on all the channels 
I realized something was very wrong and decides to not startle the kids and moved them on to the front of the house and off to the bus
I called my parents 
I sat there glued to the TV thinking I could not believe this was happening.


  1. I had bookmarked your blog when I perused it for Inspiration Avenue. I also remembered the day on my blog. What a lovely post, and one, as you pointed out, to remember our Heros, whether they were the busboy in the North Tower, or the stock trader in the South Tower, or the pilot in one of the planes, or the firefighter who never stood a chance. Thank you for this.

  2. I remember your call.........I knew you didn't joke about serious things but found it hard to believe what you were telling us. SO..we turned on the TV....SHOCK, SADDNESS, FEAR, and complete DISBELIEF overcame both me and your Dad as we stood together in the familyroom frozen in time, unable to move as we saw the horror play out on the TV screen in front of us. No we will NEVER FORGET.

  3. I have posted also about this fateful day nine years ago. Can it really have been that long??? I will never forget either as I hope no American does. I'm glad you chose to post about it today.

  4. Thank you for joining in my challenge... my hubby is American and although we live in Britain we always mark the day... it was such an awful day and also the months that followed. I only hope and pray that the events of that fateful day will never be forgotten.

    RIP to those who lost their lives and God Bless to all the survivors and everyone who was personally affected through these events.



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