Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ever get that feeling

Like something big was gonna happen?
I have had that for a few weeks 
Not knowing what will happen. 
I worked today at the nursing home 
had some good meaningful conversations and some laughs 
That is always good right
I am having so much fun helping people make blogs and Etsy shops
Also planning a blog class in October with around 10 people wanting to attend.
& Kayla and I have 5 photo shoots to schedule.

I love
Sense of humor
Sweet old ladies with life stories
Seeing joy on peoples faces 
Being able to be an ear and encourage 
Being able to give to people in need 
Foggy mornings
The childlike personality an elderly woman has 

Tonight I did a devotion on Sunflowers, weeds and God it went quite well. 
I may put it on my blog

This is usually my night to stay up late but I am pooped. 
I have had a pinched nerve in my back since Friday and I think it is taking sleep away.

I will report more on the things life is bringing me.

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  1. I love looking at your blog. You do wonderful things. I really like your picture and the writings you have added with it. It is thoughtful, caring and has a wonderful flow about it. i hope you feel better soon.


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