Saturday, September 4, 2010

This weeks Submission to Inspiration Avenue's Challenge "Finders Keepers"

The story behind the picture is....
Daughter and I work at a thrift store and
this week a donation came in of vintageclay marbles. 
 We researched how to see that they
are vintage and the one dot on them is the marking. 

The Vintage Ivory dice My daughter found in my
 parents garage while sifting through
some fun stuff (4 and different sizes)

and the domino I found in a bunch of stuff brought
into the store it is going to become a necklace.


  1. that's pretty cool! i wonder how old the dice are ...

  2. Hello,

    I am a new blogger and my sister has been pushing me to try some challenges. She told me about Inspiration Avenue (cool site). Just entered the challenge and saw your link. Very cool entry. What a great find on the marbles. I really like the way you put the marbles and dominoes together.

  3. Imagine how many children have played with those over the years. What a great composition. Love the vintage filter which gives it a great atmosphere.

  4. Shel your photo really reflects the vintage feel of your finds, great work. I wonder how old they are ... and what stories they could tell!

  5. These must be very old! It's so interesting to think about how children's toys have changed! And children, along with them...

    I love the photo, with the dice and the domino. Great arrangement!

  6. ooh I can't wait to see the necklace-I am SURE you will make it cute!

  7. I've never even heard of clay marbles. That's always the fun of visiting new sites. You learn so much you never knew. What a fun photo and post.

  8. What a fun selection of finds, love the dominos and dice, the marbles really sets them off a treat!


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