Thursday, October 14, 2010

I love Big Red Barns and Clouds

So here I picasa'd and picnic's this c00l little pic.  LIKE?

Also my list of Five things I am thankful for today
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Camera
  • Family 
  • The book in my hear I want to write!
  • My home


  1. Wow, you do fantastic work. I am so impressed. And, I am embarrassed. I love all the pictures you take. You must have a super camera. My camera takes the worst pictures, even when I'm really trying. Yours are art at its purest.

    Wanted to tell you, since I'm posting my IA challenge tomorrow (Oct. 15), I have picked yours as my blog of the day. I could stay here all day and maybe, if I set my camera next to the monitor, it will pick up a few pointers on what an in focus and detailed photograph should look like.

  2. Hey there
    you are so sweet!!!!
    Wow am honored to be your blog of the day!
    I have a cannon Rebel
    Before that a little under $200 bucks cannon easy share camera
    which took and still does take good pics.

    I Use free photo editing Picasa and Picnik along with lightroom

    I really do not do anything on my Rebel use auto all the time. That drives my daughter nuts she is tecky and loved to pla with the program settings and Then i go right back to auto. LOL

    Looking forward to your pink.
    I am going to start a book.
    I Am excited about it.

    Deals with confrontational things and when you are a non confrontational person. Yikes huh. that is me but I have grown a lot and hope I can do this.

    Thanks in advance again
    :) Shel


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