Thursday, October 28, 2010

My submission to the Challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue

WOW you are used to seeing my photography here and 

This week I got out of the box
I have been drawing these little Whimsy charectors and have had a blst doing it 
As part of the Art, Heart and Healing Class 

I have been doing several and am really having fun. 
Here is one of my favorites 
I call it 
Which is one  of  the choices this week in the Challenge at
I used pastels, charcoles, water pencils and a paintbrush 


  1. I like your whimsy. Great submission.


  2. Love it Shelly! It is so much fun to see you stretching your's fun, right?

  3. Hey Shel. I'm loving the class too. Whimsey is fun. She is very cute!

  4. I adore her! I think you might need to play in this arena MORE OFTEN! Well done friend!

  5. Very sweet, it takes courage to step outside of your zone. Well done

  6. I love that you've posted a mixed media piece this week Shel - I especially like the colours you've used for the sky. Great creative submission!

  7. I joined that class, but I can't draw (as I learned in lesson 1), so I am probably not a very good student. I see you took the Whimsies to heart and created a cutie. And I like how you made this a truly mixed media piece, too. It is wonderful.

  8. Thanks guys. It wasanother fun week of creatin'


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