Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh the colors of fall

Oh de kleuren van de herfst
Oh les couleurs de l'automne
Oh, los colores del otoño
All say oh the colors of fall    ;)  being goofy

Oh this is one of my very favorite parks to Photogragh
I love it 
I had not been here for ovr a week and knew I had better go and capture what I could 
and as I turned the corner to the park i was so taken back. 
All of the Vibrant colors 
and the brightness of it all. 
I pulled over and just started snapping pictures 
So amazed at how all of the pinks, yellows and oranges blended so well. 

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  1. Oh beautiful fall! I can't believe October is almost over.
    I love your new blog look.
    I love seeing your photos on facebook too.


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