Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday as it comes to a close

ODE TO The Season
ALSO MY Submission to 
It fits the Theme of Harvest
I was out in the warmth of the night 
after work and snapped these pics
I Love barns and found one I had not photographed
The Scarecrows are lining the Stone Ridge Tree and pumpkin farm
I places them in a grassy farm pic I took down the street from there.

This week was full of Growing 
I was blessed to be talked about on 2 blogs this week (blush)
I started my book
Yikes that sounds weird I am writing a book 
My daughter is my editor
We had a great turn out for the challenge I hosted this week at 
I started it on a blog so I have access to it where ever I am
Doors are opening
A friend of mine wants to sell mt cards in her business

~Oh the Possibilities are ENDLESS~

My list of 5 gratitude's are:
My job
Chats I have with my kids and their friends
Fall colors


  1. Totally wonderful Shelinwa...I especially love the scarecrows they are awesome.

  2. "Doors are opening"!! Such sweet words! Go get 'em!

  3. What lovely photos, Shelly. And you are right. This post is perfect for harvest. Harvesting friends and harvesting opportunities, too! Love those scarecrows, too.

  4. Great pieces. It is the time of year and the beauty is all around us. You captured it wonderfully. Congratulations on your developments, sounds so exciting.

  5. This page gives me a warm calm feeling. Fall colors seem calming to me. :) nice blog

  6. Thank you
    Guys for the great comments
    sweet and keep me going!!
    I want to be a blogger that brngs comfort and inspiration!!

  7. I loved all the old barns and photographed many of them when I visited Washington. Thank you for the lovely reminder.


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