Monday, October 4, 2010

Umbrella and Daliah's

Ok here is the deal 
I love driving around and taking pics it is fun and my arthritis is not bothered while doing it.
I have standards and do not like take pictures in peoples personal yards etc....
Butt,  I have admired this woman's Dahlia garden FOR YEARS and finally the other day I pulled over and snapped this pics, as you see there is a cute umbrella.
My hubby makes things out of metal and I thought.... 
I would show him.  He said prolly not lots in materials and to cover cost would have to price really high.

I mentioned that I felt the winds turning and something big is my live was going to change?
Well it did 
I have been involved in a non profit business for 5 and a half months along with my daughter
Poured our soul and energy into it and yesterday that came to an abrupt halt
We shed some tears and had a rough day BUT TODAY I am seeing things clear and see that a door has closed for other opportunities and I am ok with it.
Not going to go into details to protect those involved.

What came to mind after I posted this I came back in to say:
God is like our Umbrella 
and we are Like the daliah's protected under his love and protection

Pickers is on so gotta go until next time!!!
Thanks for reading my blog!!
Love comments

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  1. Hi Shel! Beautiful photo of the dalia garden! I'm sorry your project has ended but as you say more opportunities are ahead :)

    I see you signed up for Tam's art class! Yay! See you there!



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