Friday, November 5, 2010

Being Thankful

So much of my blog I want to be cheery and thankful and an encouragement to others,  
I feel I am doing that from all the great comments. 
Thank you 
I took this at work last weekend is a display out by our desk
Many people I know are doing the 30 thankfull challenge for the month of November 
All month every day you post a list of thingd you are tthankful.
My friend Kelly  started this years ago on MS and I thought how cool.  she did a lost of 5 representing her 5 kids (Kind of as a good way to start the morning and be positive) I only have 2 so I have been doing 5 too as 3 of her kids are my Godchildren.

So todays list is:

My Camera
Photo shoot we had today turned out great
Starbucks afterward
Fun night tonight


  1. What a wonderful post. You do inspire others.. I love your beautiful pictures and wonderful thoughts. I love your five list and appreciate what share.

  2. it is truly always a joy to come here! And LOVE your list!


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