Monday, November 8, 2010

Cute Little Boys as part table arrangment for a meeting today

Today started off with sleeping in a bit too late 
but that was ok, got up drank my coffee
threw a quick load in the wash 
Made it to my 10:00 meeting at the church 
Where we laughed a lot and ate cheese and grapes (these little guys were a table decore)
Oh and cashews with candy corn~~~> TRY IT wow all in one bite really good
Then I went to the shop to work till 5 and came to work to two bouquets of flowers 
for my daughter and I from the owners
The day flew by with all sorts of customers and donations
After work we had a co worker girls night out where I had a really neat coffee with Baileys
We had a little meeting there about an upcoming open house and that went great 
Kayla (daughter) and I had 2 photo shoots this week and she is doing a great job editing.  We give a set of originals and a set of edits to our customers.

 Thank you to my followers and all your sweet words!!

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