Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How the smallest thing like a toddler bed can bless someone

A few weeks ago my friend and her husband gave their daughters toddler bed to the thrift store I work at.  yesterday we had a guy doing some sholving for us and he saw that bed off to the side and asked one of the volunteers how much it was.. then started telling his story of not having any heat in hos house and that his 3 year old was sleeping on a foam pad on the floor.  She then came up and told me...  I said give it to him.  As she told him I could hear his voice cracking with joy and on his lunch break he took it home and made that little girls day!!!
It is moments like that that I love and 
I am blessed to be working at a place that
is in the business of blessing people.

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  1. What a truely great story, Shel!
    Thanks for sharing it...I bet you feel all cozy inside :)


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