Sunday, November 7, 2010

Inspiration Avenue Happines is.....

Happiness is always being aboe to Look up
Knowing that Someone is up there looking out for me
Peace in knowing that 
and he sees tomorrow before I do!!
Thank you Lord!

I have been drawing like crazy 
With chalks, charcole, water colors
She is a creation that came from a doodle yesterday

This is a temp pic as i can not find my card dang it


  1. Cool submission and love your background ;D

  2. She looks like she is straight out of a dream!

  3. Great take on the theme Shel - nice soft and almost dreamlike quality :)

  4. This is a very fun creation with a powerful thought with it. I love the soft colors and the ocean is definitely my true happiness so I would love to be this beautiful mermaid!!

  5. I love the whimsy mixed with a powerful truth-beautiful and a great reminder!

  6. Temporary photo or not, this is a a great take on happiness. She looks ethereal in the photo. Not sure yo need your card.

  7. Great message in your post! I love the soft colors of your mermaid!

  8. This is wonderful - great illo...come and join in the play @ Whimsical Wednesday. More here:


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