Saturday, December 11, 2010

PEACE My Peace for Inspiration Avenue Challenge

a page out of my sketchbook
She is at peace with herself!
Sporting funky hair this girly is confident wth 
her life
her world
her body


  1. I love all the hippy psychadelic colours Shel. Great 'piece'!!

  2. Your drawings are getting so good, Shel!
    What a happy, peaceful piece!

  3. I was here earlier to comment on your wild haired gal, but couldn't leave a comment. Glad Blogger started behaving. Such wonderful words to live by, too. Love this piece for the IA challenge.

  4. Beautiful! The girl has a very pretty face and I like the colors, like a rainbow, emanating from her. You have a great drawing style, keep up the great work :-D

  5. Great!! Fabulous to have that kind of inner peace!

  6. This is a great piece for the challenge this week. Love brings such great peace. Love the drawing.

  7. this piece rocks! I am a BIG HUGE FAN OF BIG CRAZY HAIR!


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