Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday is here and snow is in the forcast...

So it is the 27th 
The house is quiet 
The foothills behind my house are covered with snow and looks like it will come this way
I am home alone which does not happen much.
Daughter is in Tacoma 
Hubby hunting and son moved out a month ago...
I have been pondering a few devotions I want to write and work on my book I am writing
I Have a photo Studio now thanks to some dear friends that have given me a corner at the Lion's Den I am so excited but at the same time starting to get over whelmed by the fact that I am so busy.
My arthritic knee is soo bad this winter that I have been in tears many time a day and I hate it.
Hubby wants me to call a knee specialist so that is on my to do list today.
So with the overwhelming things of life I do what my friend Kel does
and make a list of five things to be great full for.
New coffee cups
Clear mind

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