Thursday, January 13, 2011

After midnight photo editing

This is one of my favs from New years day
I love this boat.  It is a very common boat to see in photographs in this area.  I lovr to see how different photographers capture it.  VERY FUN 
I had a busy day, woke to 4 inches of snow 
Hubby drove me to work
worked till 1:30 then my friend picked me up, treated me too a coffee on the way to a funeral to Celebrate the life of a great woman.
Held a sweet baby during the reception 
I did the dishes with a few ladies after in the kitchen 
Came home looked at edits from daughters photo shoot 
She made us dinner 
Told me of her goals for education which are exciting
We watched TV and had a good dinner 
I fell asleep dang it which is why I am up now
Woke watched 2 episodes of criminal minds and a few other shows while I worked on a few drawings
Now editing pics, Blasting David Crowder band 
and working on my book I am writing.
aaah  al in a day 
What will tomorrow bring


  1. Wow, girl you sure know how to pack a day, don't you. I love that you had a cat nap in between it all. I love the image of the boat above. The red makes the picture more interesting. It livens things up a bit.
    So you are writing a book, huh? That is something I have always dreamed of doing. At first I wanted to write children's books which still interests me and then I wanted to write a book on using what you have to decorate, and then I was thinking about a book on travel in the south. So tell me what you are interested in. I wish we lived closer to one another. We could get into all sorts of trouble. =)

  2. You PACK your day full of wonderful things and PEOPLE -I love that!


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