Friday, January 28, 2011

Challenge theme at Inspiration avenue "Broken Pieces"

Broken Pieces the theme at Inspiration Avenue 
I am a strong believer on friendship and healthy ones at that. 
And how heart warming it is to go and have a cup of coffee with a friend is so thereputic for the soul.
I cherish my friends!
A few years ago my best friend in Colorado started the coolest blog.
The art of Photographing Coffee
How it works
We are miles apart but both love coffee
so we quick take a pic of our cups pf coffee and text them
to each other and the blog
Through the miles is like having coffee together
Now there are more people involved and OH so fun!!


  1. How cute! I love what you created and that you and your friend have coffee "together".

  2. One day we'll have a coffee together! (but not because of broken things!!)

  3. I love your work and what you wrote about friendships in general and your "coffee friend" in particular.

  4. Coffee and a friend - perfect! I like it.

  5. I love the idea you described! There's not much that a good cuppa with a friend won't fix!

  6. I heart your post and coffee is a regular and much needed part of my day. The idea of sharing it with a friend when they can't be here sipping with me is a great idea. Very nice!

  7. This collage makes a perfect greeting card, Shelly. Coffee and friends do help pick up the pieces.

  8. many times the elixir in my hand with a heart across the table reminds me that there is ONE who is in control and it will be ok...


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