Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary Hunny 22 years! I love you

Playing in Photoshop Lightroom tonight with my pics from a drive today I love taking drives around where we live especially in the winter 
No leaves in the way and very green as the moss is so green!
Today is also my hubby and my 22 year aniversary.
Happy Anniversary Morgan 

  1. You love God. me and our kids
  2. You are supportive of everything I do 
  3. You are handsome
  4. You bring me coffee creamer
  5. Know when my pain levels are so bad that I just can not move 
  6. You put blankets in the dryer for me when I hurt and to help me sleep 
  7. You always tell me I am beautiful 
  8. You have a Great voice
  9. You are full of integrity
  10. You are a wonderful father
  11. You are loyal to your family
  12. You love my art
  13. You wake to listen to me when I need to talk
  14. You fill up my car with gas
  15. Love sunset chasing with me
  16. You are strong
  17. Loyal
  18. Honest
  19. Take care of your family
  20. Leave my lovey Dovey Voice and Text messages
  21. Tuck me in every night 
  22. I am secure in you!!

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  1. a beautiful tribute to your husband! you certainly are blessed with such a good man! this has inspired me to tell my hubby just how great a weekend i had with him instead of just assuming he knows that's how i feel! thanks shel!


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